A Stronger CU,

A Better Colorado

Invest in Colorado's Future,

Affordability and Accessibility 

The rising cost of higher education is not a new issue but is one that needs to be addressed.  Coloradans should have access to affordable higher education.  As a two-time alumnus of CU, Richard knows firsthand the financial hurdles that exist and the difficulty in overcoming them to obtain a degree.  These are issues Richard worked on with the CU Administration when he was Student Body President at the Boulder campus.  Richard will work collaboratively on solutions and policies that best promote investing in the future of our State -- our students.  Affordable and accessible public higher education has a positive ripple effect on all aspects of our State.


Diversity and inclusion are important to our communities, schools, and society, and CU is no different. Richard is dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion at the University of Colorado to build a stronger CU for a better Colorado.  Richard will work to ensure a stronger, more cohesive community at all four CU campuses.  College campuses should be a place where all students, faculty, and staff are welcome.  Further, college campuses should be a place where free expression and thought are protected and not stifled.  

Academic Excellence

All Coloradans deserve access to a world-class education.  As the State's flagship public university system, CU is a world-renowned research institution, home to nationally-ranked programs and departments and Nobel Laureates.  The academic excellence of the entire CU System must be supported, invested in, and a priority.  Academic excellence directly corresponds to the value of a student's degree and the education they receive.  The success of our tremendous students, faculty, and staff will be a priority for Richard as Regent for Congressional District 6.

Athletics Success

The CU Athletic Department has done an incredible job with having successful programs across the board, including multiple national and conference championships, All Americans, and student-athletes who have been drafted to the next level.  Sports bring alumni and friends together.  They provide student-athletes an opportunity to excel on the field, court, track, and course.  As a Regent -- and a longtime Buffs fan -- Richard will support our student-athletes, directors, coaches, and staff at the University of Colorado System and foster an environment to achieve further athletics success and championships.

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